For a pleasant smell and a better indoor climate

  • Filtering dust particles (central ventilation and air conditioning systems)
  • Eliminating odors

Spatial filtration – use:

  • Air filtration in central air conditioning systems of large buildings – hotels, sports facilities, hospitals, commercial buildings …

For this purpose we usually recommend filter cartridges in the filtration classes G4, F5 and F7.

  • In newer individual houses or housing with an integrated central ventilation.

In this application, filter cassettes are used which are often supplemented with the activated carbon filters.

  • Demanding spatial filtration with high demands for clean air, in high-risk spaces (infections, external contamination).

For this purpose, we produce cartridges of high filter classes F9, H10, H11, H12, H13. Even in such applications the activated carbon filter is often added, which eliminates unpleasant odors or establishes additional protection for people in the area.

Filtration of air in the room – the internal filtration, closed system.

Where to use

  • sports facilities
  • kitchens
  • conference rooms
  • lecture halls
  • office buildings

Active substances:
– Active carbons of various granulations
– Impregnated alumina
– Vermiculite