The Colf d.o.o. company develops and produces air filters according to your needs

The Colf d.o.o. company develops and produces air filters

At COLF d.o.o., we specialize in developing and manufacturing cartridges for air filters, including filters of high filtration classes of up to H14. The Colf filter cartridges, in addition to a high level of filtration, are also distinguished by energy efficiency, optimal design, operational reliability and for being environmentfriendly.

Our new product, the air filter, is developed according to the client’s specification. We advise and participate in its application. The best results in developing a new product are achieved by working with the client. Filter cartridges can be manufactured according to the proposed pattern of existing or similar filters, as well as by analysing aerosols or technological conditions. We are fast in developing (weekly terms) and also highly flexible due to specific technologies and the use of special materials.

Various types of air filters are manufactured given the required design and dimensions, as well as desired filtration characteristics, taking into account the optimal environmental and energy parameters.