Different forms, most commonly as round filter cartridges or filter panels

Microfilters are filters that remove the micron and sub-micron solid particles, as well as other aerosols of such dimensions from air.

Typical version of a COLF microfilter: the open ending is made of hard polyurethane with an embedded spherical gasket of foam rubber, while the closed extension is made from polystyrene or sheet metal and is attached to the filtration membrane with a polyurethane adhesive. Exterior and interior perforations are made of polystyrene, polypropylene or perforated sheet metal.

The filtration membrane is carefully crimped, while the membrane material is formed by filter paper from borosilicate glass microfibers or fine fibers of polypropylene.

Microfilters include air filters up to the H14 class.

In COLF d.o.o. we produce microfilters in different dimensions and forms, but most commonly in the form of round filter cartridges or filter panels.

Microfilters are used in air conditioning, process filtration, suction, filtration of air for machines, motors, compressors, household appliances, varnishing workshops, for the removal of oil mist aerosols …

Industrial application

  • air-conditioning
  • process filtration
  • suction
  • air filtration in:
    • machinery, engines
    • compressors
    • household appliances
    • automotive repair shop
    • varnishing workshops
  • extraction of oil mist

mikro filtracija