We develop and produce filters for various industries, as well as for different uses and purposes

Purpose and use

The use of filters in the chemical and woodworking industry, the pharmaceutical industry, cement works, as well as lime production, iron foundries, incineration plants, varnishing workshops, grinding plants, welding, metal working … in short, wherever there is a presence of air particles and aerosols interfering in the working process.

This category also includes filters for dust removal, removal of oil mist and all air filters used for air purification in industrial processes, process works or to protect employees and the environment.

All of our air filters are manufactured according to technology of the work process and technological requirements, or the requirements of environmental and staff protection.

The use in industries

  • chemical industry
  • woodworking industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • cement works
  • production of lime, iron, …
  • foundries
  • incinerators
  • varnishing workshops
  • grinding plants
  • welding
  • metal processing

In short, wherever there is a presence of particles interfering in the working process.