Industrial filtration

In the case of coarse air filtration the filtration membrane is crimped (pleated). Properly folded membrane provides optimum filtration flow properties of the air filter.

The choice of filter material depends on the application in relation to the flow, filtration, as well as mechanical and chemical requirements. The basic filter material is an impregnated cellulose filter paper, replaced in an increasing number of applications by materials made of synthetic fibers, polypropylene, polyester, as well as laminates with Teflon for specific requirements.

The filter class in coarse filtration covers the classes from M to L.

Filters for coarse filtration are most commonly used in industrial processes for dedusting, removal of oil mist and other above-micron particles.

These filters are used in processes with large dust emissions, such as cement, wood, as well as chemical, food processing and metal industry – in short, filters for coarse air filtration in various forms have a wide industrial application.